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A New Day Has Dawned

My love is awake
Blessing the world with his movement
Gracing those around him through his actions

My love is awake
Alive and well
Breathing and full of love

My love is awake
My heart sings and jumps
My eyes brighten and become fixated

My love is awake

On Finding Words

Drip Drip Drop
Each letter falls into place
Like rain droplets racing down a window
To build a word by winning the race

Drip Drip Drop
A Vowel
A Consonant
Adjective, Noun

Drip Drip Drop
Space is running out
Blank canvas filled
Black and white abounds

Written by me on April 30th, 2010

The Language of Love

The Language of Love
Neither completely spoken
Nor formally taught
Without rules
Or process of thought

The Language of Love
Exists like the air we breathe
The wind that kisses us
The warmth of the sun on our skin
Truly effortless and always with ease

Written by me on November 7th, 2008

Have You Lost Faith

A wall was built when my world came crashing down.

Picking up pieces.

Throwing out pieces.

Making a bigger mess,

Until I was ready to move on,

Grow on.

Here you come back.

Softly, sweetly, amiable.

Slowly, quietly, pleasurably I warm up,

Peaking over my wall.

Removing a brick with each positive conversation.

And in one night,

With the banter of an echoing shadowy past,

I relive all that once was.

Undertones of distrust, disgust, and disbelief.

Not again.

Never again.

Pen Pal

The hands of time,

Weave curious tapestries.

Threads picked from various places,

And interwoven into a work in progress.

The distance that separated us…

Allowed a reconnection.

So effortless we were.

So open and innocent.

Being woven together to what benefit?

To whose benefit?

And as the gap of communication has closed,

The hands of time are not done,

With their work in progress,

In us.


The shortness of a first-
So cute and quirky.
Easy to pronounce and remember.

The middle taking presidence-
On accident.
Not once but twice.

The last,
To be determined.
Drop off, remain, change…

The evolution of who I am,

Who I was,

Who I’m striving to be.
A thunderous clap of movement and impact,
In a world awaiting positive change.

While Immersed in KJV

Quiet blackness is the beginning of this morning.

Awake, eyelids awaiting their rest.

One day wrapping into another.

A tranquil breath of semi silence,

Warm and sweet like the memory of a plesant summer day.

As crazy as I am to be awake at this hour

I am at peace.

Listening to empowerment-


Hoping to gain wisdom,

And a deeper love.


– – – While listening – – –


A sensual surge of love overcomes me.

A sensation plucking the harp strings of my heart.

Such pleasurable drunkeness.

In the awe of a love so complete.

So unconditional.

Based in prfound simplicity.

The greatest challenge,

Holding on to this,

In the midst of everyday life.